It Has Been Awhile....

It has been awhile since our last blog update. With December just around the corner, we're entering the Holiday Season again! Do you need a gift for someone on your list? Come and see what Transitions Hair Salon has to offer! We have gift certificates, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, stocking stuffers, Organic Colour Systems Holiday gift sets, Carina Organics haircare, and more! Check out our "Gallery" section to see photos of the shop all decorated for the Holidays.

Holiday Gifts & Holiday Hours

With all of that fresh snow, it looks and feels like Christmas is right around the corner. We have plenty of gifts to choose from this year, including stocking stuffers, gift sets from Organic Colour Systems, handmade jewelry (made by Courtney O'Connor), gift cards & more! Come and check us out this week, for our last week before we close for Christmas HOLIDAYS! This week's hours are: Tuesday December 15th from 11:00-6:30, Wednesday December 16th from 10:00-6:30, Thursday December 17th from 10:00-6:00, Friday December 18th from 10:15-6:00, and Saturday December 19th from 10:00-3:30. Please note that we are closed from Sunday December 20th- Monday January 4th for Holidays! Thank You!


GOOD NEWS! Our new shipment of care and styling products from Organic Salon Systems has arrived!

These products are so amazing, and many of the reasons I love them, are because they do NOT contain dangerous chemicals, commonly found in beauty products. They do not contain the following ingredients:
No Parabens or Phthalates
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
No Ammonia or GMO’s
No Formalehyde
No Plastics
No Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
No Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
No Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate
No TEA Lauryl Sulfate
No Sulfur
No Selenium Sulfide
No Animal By-Products
No Animal Testing
No Unnecessary Additive Fillers

(NOTE: there is still one shelf left of the Paul Mitchell 70%OFF clearance sale items on the bottom right, which will hopefully disappear this week


I've been working around 70 hours per week to transform Transitions Hair Salon from a Paul Mitchell focus salon to an exclusively organic salon, using Organic Colour Systems as my starting point. Check out the "Gallery" tab to see what the salon is looking like these days! The last step to this TOTAL makeover is ordering in the new care line & styling products, which will be happening before this week is over! Photos of the new products coming soon!


After 14 years of working in the hairdressing industry, 10 of those years of working with Paul Mitchell, and 7 of those years of owning Transitions Hair Salon (which was a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon), I have decided to make a HUGE change. I am switching things up! This Spring, I am going to be changing over to a product line that aligns with my philosophies regarding health, wellness, and the environment. The product is called Organic Salon Systems ( I have done a lot of research, and a TONNE of work to make this happen, and I am so happy to have found a system that delivers professional results, as you would expect! I'm really looking forward to the positive changes that are already starting to come from this decision, and I couldn't have done it without the love and support from family, friends, and my enthusiastic clientele! Transitions Hair Salon will also be having a 70% OFF PAUL MITCHELL CLEARANCE SALE until everything is gone, to help make room for new stock! Visit our SALE tab to see what's left!