Courtney O’Connor

Courtney has been immersed in the hairstyling industry for 17 years. She has owned and operated Transitions Hair Salon for 10 years. She established the salon on
July 8th, 2008. Courtney enjoys spending time in nature, listening to music, relaxation, gardening, food, and spending quality time with family & friends. Courtney will be on maternity leave, beginning Saturday, November 24th, 2018. She plans to return to the salon in the Spring of 2019, pending all things baby, and will be notifying clients via telephone calls and text messages, prior to her return.


Martina Vaillant

We would like to give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Transitions Hair Salon family, Martina Vaillant! Martina is a fully licensed hairstylist, who loves to do fun haircuts & colours. She has been styling hair for 6 years, most recently in the big city of Toronto. Martina loves animals, singing along to the radio, and spending time with family & friends. You'll know when she's in a good mood, because she will sing & dance around the salon! Martina is kind, friendly and talented. Martina will be working alongside Courtney for the next 3 weeks, before Courtney begins her maternity leave, and then she will be running Transitions Hair Salon under the regular operating hours of Tuesday-Friday from 11-6, as well as some
Saturdays (by appointment only). To book an appointment with Martina,
call Transitions Hair Salon at (807) 345-2999!